A group of witches casting spells

Witchcraft, also referred to as the Craft, is a very powerful form of sorcery that channels its power from the elements and forces of Nature. It typically involves the application of spells and rituals to channel magical energies into a specific purpose or outcome.

 Practitioners Edit

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Humans who practice magical powers are called "witches". Contrary to popular belief, witches do not receive their powers from demons, nor do they worship the Devil. Instead, most witches develop their powers through practice, inherit their powers from God(s), or receive their powers through genetics.

The Threefold LawEdit

The Threefold Law is a spiritual belief system based around the observance of Mother Nature and reverence of Higher Powers. The main goal of all Deities is to honor the design of nature and to maintain stability within the world. According to Nancy Downs, none of the Gods are entirely benevolent nor entirely malevolent, but rather a perfect balance between the two. An highly intelligent witch named Lirio seemed to imply that The Threefold Law was created by the Gods as a means to ensure that the Natural Order remains balanced, informing Sarah Bailey that "Life keeps a balance all on its own".

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