Witchcraft is a very powerful form of sorcery that channels its power from the Divine Spirit(s) who reside in The Otherworld. Unlike other forms of magic, Witchcraft can only be used how the Spirit(s) see fit. If a witch were to abuse the power that has been bestowed upon them, the Spirit(s) can elect to sever the connection between them and the witch, preventing the latter from further harnessing their power.

Note: Sarah Bailey informed Nancy Downs that Manon requested that Nancy was recused of all of the power that He had given her as punishment for her continued misuse of it. This seems to imply that the connection between the Spirit(s) and the witch can only be broken by a third party and not directly from the Spirit(s). Furthermore, not only did Sarah break the connection that Nancy shared with Manon, but also smothered her entire potential to further practice magic; rendering Nancy completely powerless.

The Threefold LawEdit

The Threefold Law is a spiritual belief system based around the observance of Mother Nature and reverence of Higher Powers. The main goal of all Deities is to honor the design of nature and to maintain stability within the world. According to Nancy Downs, none of the Gods are entirely benevolent nor entirely malevolent, but rather a perfect balance between the two. An highly intelligent witch named Lirio seemed to imply that The Threefold Law was created by the Gods as a means to ensure that the Natural Order remains balanced, informing Sarah Bailey that "Life keeps a balance all on its own".

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