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The Prophet is a homeless vagrant, who first appeared after Sarah Bailey arrived in her new home.

Surprising SarahEdit

When Sarah had newly arrived in her home in Los Angeles, the vagrant entered her home and asked Sarah if she wanted a snake that he was holding. Sarah called for her dad, and he came down and used a fireplace poker to defend Sarah. He scared him out of the house and killed the snake. Later, he encountered Sarah again in the streets. When Sarah began to run away, he followed her, shouting warnings of dangers coming. The girls willed a car to hit him and kill him, and it did, giving them the belief that they had magical powers. Never seen again in the sequel of the movie. There was nothing in his inventory. Or identity card. Neither ticket. He had no weapon. Just a snake to attack Sarah. There are people who foresee things, others do not. It fits right into the plotline. He knew she'd be in danger befriending these girls, abd she misunderstood the warnings. Because he is a homeless, dirty looking man.

Information Edit

Born : Unknows (without ID)

Species : Human

Status : Deceased

Family : Unknows (not ID)

Powers : None (he is unarmed)

Significant spells : None (unarmed)

Location : Los Angeles, California, U.S 

Played by : Arthur Senzy


I found this outback, you want it?

I saw you in a dream! In my dream you are dead! I'm talking to you!

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