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Spell Casting is the supernatural ability to cast spells. Spells are the most well-known characteristic of a

Nancy casts a spell

practitoner of magic. Spells are used to achieve any desired effect the "caster" wants. Spells are usually recited. Some spells may also call for magical objects like talismans, herbs and candles.

Known spellsEdit


"This is to feel. This is to be. Shape and form it, for all to see. By the powers of three times three. As I will it. So shall it be."

Glamours are used to conceal or hide the true form of something with an illusion. Glamours look and feel completely real. Most of the time, glamours can be used without the use of a spell at all.


a supplication or prayer that immplies to call upon God, a Goddess, a person,etc to ask for something(protection,a favour, his/her spiritual presence in a ceremony,etc) or simply for worship, this can be done in a pre-established form or with the invoker's own words or actions. In some cases, it may involve more than one witch or an offering to the spirit that is desired to be invoked.

Rule of three spellEdit

"By the powers of three times three make them see, make them see. By the powers of three times three, make them see, make them see."

This spell can be used to bring the rule of three upon someone. In magic, whatever negative magic you send out, you'll get it back times three.

Known spell castersEdit

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