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"Maybe you're a natural witch; your power comes from within"
Lirio to Sarah
Sarah Bailey
c. 1980
Mr. Bailey (father)
Jenny (stepmother)
Mrs. Bailey (mother)
Magic, witchcraft, telekinesis, levitation, glamouring
Significant spells
A spell causing Chris Hooker to fall in love with her
San Francisco, California, U.S (previously)
Los Angeles, California, U.S
Played by

Sarah Bailey is a witch and the main protagonist of the 1996 film The Craft. Played by Robin Tunney, Sarah is presented as a suicidal newcomer to LA who befriends a group of teenage witches and becomes the final member of their coven. Once at full power, the witches begin using magic to get back at those who have wronged them.


Sarah was born, presumably, in San Francisco, California circa 1980. Her mother died during childbirth. Her father remaried later on to a woman named Jenny. Sarah is a natural witch, meaning she was born of at least one parent who was also a witch (in this case her mother). Although her powers had been trying to manifest her entire life, she was completely unaware that she was a witch. As a teenager, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists, but was unsuccessful and lived. In 1996, she moved to Los Angeles with her father and stepmother.

Meeting the witchesEdit

On her first day at her new school, Sarah is caught using magic by Bonnie who is in a coven along with Nancy and Rochelle. Bonnie, who believes that a fourth girl is destined to come along and complete their coven, reports back to Nancy, who does not believe that the coven needs a fourth, and Rochelle in biology class. After some convincing, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle befriend Sarah and take her to Lirio's magic shop, where Lirio tells Sarah that she is a "natural witch"—a witch whose power comes from within. On their way home from the shop, Sarah is nearly attacked by a dirty man (The Vagrant) who previously harrased her at her home. The witches then use magic to cause a car to hit and kill him. This situation affirms to the girls that Sarah has completed their coven and brought them to full power.

Relationship with Chris HookerEdit

After a breif falling out with the witches, Sarah meets up with Chris on a rooftop where they makeout. Chris asks Sarah to come back to his house, but Sarah denies him. Angered, he starts a rumour at school that Sarah was a "lousy lay". Sarah confronts Chris in the hallway, but he blows her off.

Casting the love spellEdit

With the witches, Sarah casts a spell upon Chris to make him love her. The next day at school, Bonnie and she notice that her spell worked as Chris can't seem to leave Sarah alone. Sarah soon notices that the spell may be spiraling out of control when Chris begins to call her incesently late at night. Finally agreeing to hang out with him one night, he attempts to rape her, but she escapes and goes to Rochelle's house where the others are. Nancy, agered, goes to a party where Chris might be. She finds him, glamours herself to look like Sarah, and has sex with Chris. When Sarah shows up to stop Nancy, Chris learns that Nancy actually is a witch when she turns back into herself. Chris calls Nancy "jealous" and she responds by telekinetically pushing him out of a window, killing him.

Falling out with the covenEdit

When Sarah threatens to leave the coven after Nancy kills Chris, the witches begin to use magic to invade Sarah's dreams. The tourment goes further when they use a glamour to make Sarah believe that her parents have been killed in a plane accident and that her house becomes infested with snakes, rats and incects. Sarah then invokes the power of a wrathful spirit, Manol, and uses it to stop Nancy and strip the girls of their powers.

The aftermathEdit

Bonnie and Rochelle go to Sarah's house to apologize for nearly killing her. Meanwhile, Nancy was admitted into a psychiatric hospital.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Sarah, being a natural witch, possesses power which comes naturally; from "within" (as opposed to the others whose magic came purely through training and practice). Because Sarah's power is authentic and genuine, she is able to access higher and more powerful forms of magic. Prior to the events of The Craft, Sarah's powers manifested during untimely occasions. According to her, she would "wish for it to be quiet and [she'd] go deaf for three days straight" or wish for rain and have a pipe burst in her room, causing a flood. In French class, Bonnie witnessed Sarah telekinetically balancing a pencil on its tip and simultaneously causing it to rotate. Upon meeting the others and learning that her powers are because she was a witch, she was able to control and channel them easier. One of her most notable spells was causing Chris Hooker to fall madly in love with her after spreading a rumour about her after she refused to sleep with him. The spell, however, backfired and caused him to become overly-infatuated to the point where he attempted to rape her. Sarah was later able to invoke Manol (a patron deity of the girls') and successfully stop and strip Nancy of her abilities.


Relax... it's only magic. Now who's pathetic?

Manon. He came to me. Saved me. Oh, and by the way. He wanted me to give you a message. You're in big shit. He says you've abused the gifts that he's given you, and now you're going to have to pay the price.

Hey, Chris. Fuck you!


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  • She was portrayed by Robin Tunney. At the time Robin auditioned for the film, her hair was an inch long because she shaved it for a previous film (Empire Records). She ended up being cast, but had to wear a wig throughout the film.
  • She was the only actor (out of the four) to not have studied witchcraft for the film. Fairuza Balk (Nancy Downs) at the time of the film was already a practicing Pagan and owned an occult shop in Hollywood and Rachel True (Rochelle) read from a copy of the Spiral Dance (a famous book on Wicca and its relationship with feminism and goddess-worship).
  • She was already friends with Skeet Ulrich (Chris Hooker) before The Craft.

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