Robin Tunney
19 June 1972
Years active
Bob Goose

Robin Tunney (born in Chicago, Illinois on June 19, 1972) is an American actress, best known for her roles in film such as The Craft, Empire Records, and a few television programs such as The Mentalist and Prision Break.


Robin Tunney was born on June 19, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother was a bartender and her father was a car salesman. She is of Irish descent. Tunney was raised Roman Catholic.


At age 19, Tunney moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. There, she landed a few roles in television shows like Law & Order, Dream On and Life Goes On. Her breakout performance was in 1995 when she played Debrah in the film Empire Records. Her performance attracted the attention of producer Douglas Wick and was thus offered the part as teenage witch Sarah Bailey in The Craft. She has starred in the hit drama series The Mentalist since 2008.


  • She was the only actress out of the four (Fairuza, Neve and Rachel) who had not done any prior study on the subject of witchcraft in The Craft.
  • She was friends with Skeet Ulrich before acting alongside him in The Craft.

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