"Perhaps you are a natural witch? Your power comes from within."

- Lirio to Sarah

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey, a natural witch

A natural witch is a witch who is born with their magical abilities. They may not even realise they have abilities, but can unlock and refine them through through study and practice of the craft. Natural witches appear to be more powerful or learn more quickly than spiritual witches, and can enhance the abilities of other witches in their coven. It appears that natural witches can genetically inherit their abilities from their relatives, such as in the case of Sarah Bailey, who inherited her powers from her late mother.

Natural witches are able to manifest powers without any prior knowledge of witchcraft or magic. For example, before learning she was a witch and studying the Craft, Sarah once made herself go deaf for hours by wishing for quiet and can use telekinesis to rotate a pencil on her desk. These abilities apparently manifest more frequently once puberty begins. Some natural witches go their entire lives without ever discovering their true potential. A possible downside to this is that a witch who does not realise the true nature of his or her powers could find them alienating or distressing. Sarah used to hallucinate the ground crawling with rodents, snakes and insects, which could possibly have been psychic visions, which, when combined with her depression and highly emotional state, lead to her attempting suicide. Her feelings of being 'different' also meant it was difficult for her to make friends.

Natural witches who successfully invoke the spirit of Manon or another deity become even more powerful; after invoking Manon, Sarah's power level is equal to, if not greater than, Nancy Downs's - an exceptionally powerful witch in her own right - ultimately allowing Sarah to defeat her and two other skilled witches. Sarah's addition to the coven also seemed to enhance the abilities of the other three girls, as previously they were unable to make their spells work, though they were also capable eventually of performing magic without her.

It is possible, though never explicitly stated, that natural witches can sometimes be randomly born with their powers and do not necessarily have to inherit them from a relative who is also a witch.

Known Natural witches Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Lirio is a natural witch, but this is never confirmed.
  • Due to the fact that Sarah Bailey was unaware that her biological mother was also a witch, it is implied that some Natural witches are born at random and to completely normal parents, as Sarah initially believed that she was the only witch within her family.