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"If God and the Devil were playing football--Manon would be the stadium that they played on; he would be the sun that shone down on them."
—Nancy Downs

Manon is a deitiy that is the very essence of all things physical, spiritual, and universial, the embodiment of nature. He is worshipped by the coven of girls in the film, and presumably other witches too. Manon can communicate with people via nature, shown when he sends dozens of white butterflies down the girls when they form a coven. He can also grant extraordinary power to a witch who performs a ritual known as 'invoking the spirit'. It is unknown is Manon is a benevolent deity or, as the embodiment of nature, merely neutral. It would seem that he is the latter; however, after invoking the spirit, Sarah Bailey tells Nancy Downs - who had previously invoked the spirit - that she was "in deep shit", as Manon believed she had abused the power he had given her and intended to punish her for it. 


  • Manon is not a real deity, but he based on numerous Pagan deities.
  • The reason the producers of the film created a fake deity is because Pat Devin, the on-set technical advisor, said it would be dangerous to use a real deity because the cultural impact of the film would cause teens to run out to beaches and invoke an actual deity, which could be rather dangerous.

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