The girls invoking Manon

Invocation of the Spirit is a magical ritual wherein a witch will invoke the energy of a deity, spirit or other higher power.


The effects of invoking a higher power are an increase in magic power. Nancy's powers increased rapidly after invoking Manol. However, since the invcation, Nancy became progressively insane. It was explained that Nancy became crazy because of her misuse of Manon's power. Sarah was the only other witch to invoke Manol, whose power she used to defeat Nancy and bind her, Bonnie and Rochelle's power. After the ritual's completion, the deity invoked will leave "gifts" for the witch. In this case, sharks.


Nancy aquired this method of invocation through a book she purchased in Lirio's occult shop. This particular ritual calls for four members representing a cardinal point and an element to assemble a circle. Arms raised in the air, each participant must verbally announce their cardinal point and element. This ritual also called for four sacrifices representing each element. Nancy brought a snake, Sarah brought a bird, Bonnie brought a butterfly and Rochelle brought a clownfish.

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