"Glamour: an illusion so real it is to fool an onlooker."
 A glamour is a form of magic that allows the witch to create an illusion, concealing the true form of something.

While it initially requires a spell to perform a glamour, Nancy Downs glamoured her appearance to resemble Sarah without the use of any spell.

Spells, rituals and incantationsEdit

  • "This is to feel, this is to be... shape and form it, for all to see. By the power of three times three, as I will it, so shall it be!"

In film Edit

Sarah is the first to use glamouring, using it to change her eyes from green to brown, and her hair blonde.

Nancy later uses it to assume Sarah's appearance, tricking an in-intoxicated Chris into sleeping with her. Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle all use glamours to trick Sarah into thinking she had seen a news report of her parents dying in a plane crash, and make her think her house was crawling with snakes, rodents and insects, showing that glamours can be used to change more than a person's appearance and can be very powerful and convincing. Sarah also presumably used a glamour to trick Nancy into thinking she was covered in bugs, and her fingers had turned into snakes.

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