Chris Hooker
250px-Chris Hooker's demise
Current Status: Deceased
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Mortal
Born: c.1979
Died: 1980
Family: Unnamed mother
Title: Captain of the football team
Occupation: High school student
Football captain
Cause: Thrown out of a second storey window (by Nancy Downs)
Portrayed by: Skeet Ulrich
Chris Hooker is a 17-year-old boy who attended St. Benedict's Catholic School. He was romantically interested in Sarah Bailey, but spread a lie around school that the two slept together, even though they didn't. In retaliation, he had a love spell placed over him. He did the same thing to Nancy Downs offscreen.

He is portrayed by Skeet Ulrich.


Background Edit

Chris was born in 1979 to two unnamed parents. He attended St. Benedict's Catholic School with Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle. He mentions that he owned a puppy as a child. Chris was captain of the football team and popular, but could also be self-centred and a bully. He was apparently involved in a relationship with Nancy. He told everyone in school that the two slept together and that she gave him an STD, spreading rumours that she was slut after the relationship ended.

The Craft Edit

After Sarah's arrival, Chris attempted to befriend her, due to finding her attractive. He warned her to be wary of the 'Bitches of Eastwick', as he referred to Bonnie, Rochelle and Nancy. He invited Sarah to his football practice and she went to watch him play. Nancy deliberately distracted Chris, causing him to trip. She tried to warn Sarah off Chris, but Sarah refused to listen. Chris went out with Sarah and they kissed, with Chris later suggesting they go back to his house. However, Sarah declined, as she wasn't interested in sleeping with him yet. This angered Chris and in retaliation, Chris spread a rumour that he and Sarah slept together and that was terrible in bed. He refused to apologise when Sarah confronted him. Later, Sarah puts a love spell on him, causing him to become infatuated with Sarah. He follows her around and does anything she asks, becoming completely devoted to him. However, the spell spiraled beyond her control, with Chris becoming completely obsessed with Sarah and stalking her. He eventually attempted to rape her, but Sarah fought him off and escaped. Later, he attended a student party and became extremely drunk. After learning what Chris had done, Nancy went to the party seeking revenge. She found Chris in an upstairs bedroom and disguised herself as Sarah by using a glamour. Chris was so drunk, he believed her to be the real Sarah and willingly let 'Sarah' seduce him. The real Sarah interrupts them and Chris is clearly terrified and confused, accusing Nancy of being a witch and insulting her. This infuriates Nancy, who says that he treats women like "whores" when he is the real "whore. She then kills Chris by telekinetically throwing him out of a window, whilst Sarah looks on in horror. Chris' death is ruled as an accident, though Sarah, who knows the truth, is distraught over it, in spite of Chris' actions.

In the film's climax, Nancy creates a fake suicide note from Sarah, in which she 'admits' to killing Chris. However, as Sarah ultimately survives and defeats Nancy, her attempts to frame Sarah for Chris' murder are thwarted.

Personality Edit

Chris could be very charming and charismatic, but was also very self-centred, arrogant and immature. He was somewhat misogynistic and quite manipulative, only seeming to value girls for sex, and felt no remorse for coercing them into sleeping with him and then casting them off. He becomes angry if can't get his own way and childishly spreads horrible rumours about Nancy and Sarah when they resist his advances, suggesting he is very entitled and used to getting what he wants. His comments about Bonnie and Rochelle suggest he is also quite judgemental. Under the influence of sarah's love spell, Chris becomes increasingly obsessive and aggressive, culminating in him trying to rape Sarah. It is unclear if, had he not been bewitched, Chris would ever had attempted anything so violent and drastic.

That being said, for all his flaws, Chris did have a softer side, admitting to Sarah that he loved his mother and a puppy he had as a child, which the only things he ever truly, deeply cared about. He also claims to love Sarah and tries desperately to win her approval and affections, though this is due to the love spell she put on him and his feelings seemed closer to infatuation than genuine love - without the spell, Chris only cared about sleeping with Sarah and had little interest in her as a person.


  • He was portrayed by Skeet Ulrich, who also played Billy Loomis in Scream, which was released the same year as The Craft. Neve Campbell, who plays Bonnie, also starred in Scream as Sidney Prescott.
  • He was the second person Nancy Downs killed.
  • He may have been friends with Laura Lizzie.

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